Sunday, May 27, 2012

Split multi page tiff file - (C# code attached)

While working with image files, one of the biggest constraint is the size of file. When file is too big, then it need too much time to process add load. So, to resolve this issue, we can split one big image (tiff) file into various pages. This code sample will explain how to work with TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) using It will cover splitting  a multipage tiff file into multiple tiff files and reading the properties of tiff file using c#. TIFF files are one of the format in which images can be saved. To split multipage tiff file, mainly 3 steps are required as 1) Get the total number of pages in a TIFF file 2) Get encoder information for the TIFF type file 3) Save each page of multipage  TIFF file into seperate TIFF files. In TIFF, there are predefined types, which tell the value of an item is of which type...

For more details, please visit my post titled 'Split multi page tiff file' at MSDN.


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