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Monday, March 22, 2021

Get Notified via Azure Event Grid whenever Azure Blob is updated

In this article, we will learn how to get notification whenever something is changed in Azure Storage. Let’s say, we want our application to get notified whenever any new file is uploaded to the blob or say any file is deleted from the blob. How can we do that?

Before directly jumping into the solution, let’s have all the major pieces listed here which will contribute towards this.

Azure Storage: We need an Azure storage wherein we will be uploading our blog objects, i.e. image files.

Azure Event Grid: Next we need is Azure Event Grid. It is a routing service provided by Microsoft and the best part about this service is, it has built-in support for events coming from storage blobs and resource groups. So, we need to create a subscription which will tell what event and which specific topic we are interested in.

Endpoint: Lastly, we need an endpoint, which will receive notifications. So, it could be Function App, Logic App, or any custom application which is hosted somewhere and is accessible over HTTP.

With this much brief theoretical knowledge, we are good to proceed for implementation.

Complete article can be found here.

Video tutorial can be found here.